Three Ohio State Newark/COTC Employees Recognized for Dedication and Service

NEWARK, Ohio, August 22, 2018—Central Ohio Technical College (COTC) and The Ohio State University at Newark groundskeeper Bo Courson was presented the 2018 Julius S. and Joette Greenstein Award on Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2018. The award is given annually to a staff member, administrator or faculty member of COTC and/or Ohio State Newark whose efforts, attitude, deeds and behavior made a major contribution toward the perpetuation of a genuine spirit of mutual respect and cooperation between COTC and Ohio State Newark. Courson was nominated by fellow groundskeeper Andrew Moran.

Greenstein Award 2018_reduced.jpg

As groundskeeper, Courson works with staff, faculty and student employees on a daily basis, and always treats everyone with the same respect, noted Moran in his nomination. An exemplar of dependability and trustworthiness on campus, he can be "counted on every time," wrote Moran. "Bo takes all jobs with the same attitude and respect, no matter what it is. Anyone who has asked for Bo to help them can agree that he treated them and their project with kindness and professionalism."

The 2018 President's and Dean/Director's Diversity Award was presented jointly to Justin Khol, assistant director for student life at COTC and Ohio State Newark, and Jamie White, retention coordinator and associate faculty member at Ohio State Newark, on Monday, Aug. 13, 2018.

The award recognizes outstanding achievements which advance the college's/campus' overall awareness of and sensitivity to differences among people. These differences include race, mixed races and heritages, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, physical abilities, mental abilities, cultural heritage, religious beliefs, political beliefs and geographic location. Khol and White were nominated by Jacqueline Parrill, Ed.D., director of institutional planning and human resources at Ohio State Newark and vice president for institutional planning and human resources at COTC, and Holly Mason, director of student life.

"As part of their commitment to student diversity and supporting the needs of our students, Justin Khol and Jamie White instituted the 'We Care' survey to examine the needs of our Diversity Award 2018_reduced.jpgstudents in areas such as food insecurity and transportation. As a result, they discovered what both of our offices believed to be true, that our students were experiencing real needs in these areas. Jamie and Justin took the knowledge gained and transferred this into action by securing a location on campus and a partnership with the Licking County Food Pantry to open Campus Corner, a campus food pantry for our students. They have gone above and beyond to ensure that students are served in a respectful manner, reducing the stigma surrounding a sensitive topic area. In addition, the information gathered in the survey is further being used as we begin to examine solutions to the transportation needs of our students. In conclusion, Justin Khol and Jamie White are very deserving of this honor," wrote Mason in her nomination letter.​

Central Ohio Technical College and The Ohio State University at Newark have forged an outstanding array of educational opportunities for the central Ohio region and beyond. This partnership is viewed as a model for higher education in the state of Ohio. At Central Ohio Technical College, students gain hands-on, applicable experience to begin working in the field, or to transfer those credits toward a bachelor's degree program. The Ohio State University at Newark offers an academic environment that's inclusive of diversity, challenging but supportive with world-renowned professors and access to Ohio State's more than 200 majors.