Students thrive thanks to Adena Recreation Center

NEWARK, Ohio, April 5, 2017 – With summer right around the corner, students at The Ohio State University and Central Ohio Technical College at Newark are getting ready by hitting the gym. The newly-renovated Adena Recreation Center opened on Jan. 9, 2017 and has been a popular place for students ever since. Whether you're a beginner or an old pro, the Adena Recreation Center has what you need to stay healthy and active.

4-5-17 Adena Update 2.jpgFirst year Ohio State Newark students and roommates Bree Carroll, Marissa Kimbler and Kira Camino are regulars. They had a Planet Fitness membership until the facility opened and have since opted to stay on campus to do their workouts.

"Having a place on campus has motivated me to come and work out because you can walk here from the residence halls. You can work off all the fast food you eat," said Camino.

"I never had muscle before but the convenience of the location motivated me," Kimbler reflects.

The three girls use the facility for a number of reasons. It's a place to unwind and hang out with friends while staying in shape. Coming to the recreation center gives them a chance to get out of their room and go do something, instead of going to one of the fast food restaurants nearby. They agree that they're also doing better in class because of the easy access of the facility and the effect it has on their health.

There's even a sense of community within the facility.

"We also talk to more people here. You get to know people and their routines," Carroll said. "I'll sometimes come here to de-stress by myself or if I'm pressed for time. It's a way for us all to stay in shape."

Vic Rosselet, first year science and mathematics education major at Ohio State Newark, comes to the recreation center between classes for quick workouts. His goal is to transition to the Columbus campus and play club lacrosse. The recreation center at Newark is a huge asset for him, giving him a place to work toward his goal.4-5-17 Adena Update.jpg

However, you don't have to come with friends or have a major goal in mind. Case Webb, currently a sophomore majoring in aviation flight and air transportation, has nearly an hour and a half drive to campus. He doesn't have much free time. Webb started coming to the recreation center when it first opened because he didn't want to get out of shape during college.

"Having a workout routine makes you focused. It puts me on a schedule and it keeps me busy. I like having it right on campus."

Lazaro Fuentes, Jr., program coordinator for recreational sports, helped develop the facility. He calls the facility a huge success. "We still have some areas to utilize further, but we've gone from having eighty people a day come in to more than 300 people a day."

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