Ohio State Newark and COTC host Student Leadership Retreat

‚ÄčThe Ohio State University at Newark and Central Ohio Technical College (COTC) hosted a Student Leadership Retreat on Wednesday, August 3 in the John Gilbert Reese Center. Students, faculty and staff from Ohio State's regional campuses, COTC and Rhodes State College attended the day-long workshop designed to help attendees identify personal leadership styles and manage group dynamics based on different leadership styles.

The workshop was based on StrengthsQuest, an assessment system to help people discover their talents and how to take action to use those talents for academic, career, and personal success.

Justin Khol, coordinator for student involvement at Ohio State Newark and COTC, organized the event on the shared campus of Ohio State Newark and COTC after learning colleagues at other Ohio State regional campuses and co-located technical schools would like to be able to offer such workshops to develop and support their student leaders.

The retreat was led by Matt Van Jura, assistant director for leadership programs at Ohio State, and two student leaders.

student leadership retreat 2.jpg

Those in attendance had their own purpose for participating.

Senior Ohio State Newark student Corrine Coleman said, "I want to become a better academic coach for our learning communities on campus."

Coordinator of Student Programs at Ohio State Lima and Rhodes State Amy Livchak brought many of her student workers to the retreat. Livchak wanted students to learn about their strengths so they could use them to be better leaders, and so she could better manage the students according to those strengths to make the office more successful.

"Participants were engaged throughout, and I believe each took away skills and ideas that will help them, not only in their leadership roles on campus, but in their future careers," said Khol.

Students are encouraged to stop in the Office of Student Life in the John L. Christine Warner Library and Student Center to learn more about how they can get involved on campus.

Central Ohio Technical College and The Ohio State University at Newark have forged an outstanding array of educational opportunities for the central Ohio region and beyond. This partnership is viewed as a model for higher education in the state of Ohio. At Central Ohio Technical College, students gain hands-on, applicable experience to begin working in the field, or to transfer those credits toward a bachelor's degree program. The Ohio State University at Newark offers an academic environment that's challenging but supportive with world-renowned professors and access to Ohio State's more than 200 majors.