New Technology in COTC Classrooms

NEWARK, Ohio, August 30, 2016 – Students at Central Ohio Technical College (COTC) are going to have the opportunity to work with cutting edge equipment in the classroom this academic year. During Faculty Development Days on Friday, Aug. 19, faculty and administrators demonstrated some of the new technology that will be used on campus this year.

"It's important for faculty to learn what technology other faculty and departments are using in the classroom, so they can get ideas and apply that knowledge to what they are doing in their classroom," said COTC Vice President of Academic Affairs Lauri White, Ed.D. "As a technical college, we are all about hands-on learning. This technology allows our students to get real-world experience while in a classroom setting. They can make mistakes and learn from the mistake without risk while using the technology."

Students in the COTC Basic Police Academy or the law enforcement technology program will now have the opportunity to use a simulator for scenario-based firearms training. The MILO training system has more than 800 scenarios to test students' decision making in a life or death situation.8-30-16_MILO small.jpg

"The MILO gives us the ability to allow our students to make a mistake in a critical situation and walk away and learn from their mistake," said COTC Public Services and Safety Director Kevin Reardon. "The simulator is forgiving; the real world is not. We also now have the capability to introduce new scenarios in addition to scenarios that are already programmed. The students in our Basic Police Academy and law enforcement technology program​ will benefit greatly from being exposed to many common situations that the simulator presents in addition to the critical thinking situations where split-second decisions are required."

Students studying civil engineering technology will have a new sandbox to play in this year – literally. Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering Technology Thomas Comisford did a presentation on the augmented reality sandbox. It's the combination of a 3-D camera, specialized software and a projector which creates the ability to read landforms in the sandbox and project contours and water flow in real-time.8-30-16_Augmented Reality small.jpg

"The sandbox will help students understand the relationship between two-dimensional contour lines and three-dimensional landforms," said Comisford. "Additionally, they will be able to independently work out grading solutions and start to understand storm water management concepts."

COTC Webmaster Kris Read made a presentation to faculty about the new technology available to use in the classroom through the Information Technology department. Read demonstrated how to connect tablet devices to the video monitors in the classrooms via wireless connections for a variety of uses.

"During our session we looked at the new COTC mobile app for current students and how the instructors can help our students use the app during their studies at COTC," said Read. "We also examined two educational apps: 'Show Me' and 'Poll Everywhere.' The 'Show Me' app is a digital white board. It turns a tablet into a whiteboard at the instructor's fingertips that can be projected onto the display in the classroom. 'Poll Everywhere' allows the instructor to ask questions to the students, and students to answer the questions via their own devices. The class can then view the data live on the screen as well."8-30-16_Read small.jpg

Other technology presentations made during Faculty Development Days were about the concepts of the flipped classroom and active learning.

Central Ohio Technical College opened in 1971 and is celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2016. COTC is a fully accredited, public college dedicated to providing high-quality, accessible programs of technical education in response to current and emerging employment needs, as well as encouraging the professional development of students, staff, faculty and administrators to assist them in achieving their maximum potential.  COTC is the only technical college in Ohio operating four full-service campus locations: Newark, Coshocton, Knox and Pataskala.