Meet Braden

​Please enjoy our series focusing on COTC student leaders. Stay tuned for more in-depth stories about their other activities at COTC and in the community.

Braden Patchett

St. Louisville, Ohio​

Patchett, Braden_Facebook.jpgBraden decided to go back to school after being passed up for a promotion at his job. He had also heard from friends that they found a better paying job after receiving a degree from COTC.

"I wanted to try for something more," he said.

He is a mechanical engineering technology student who wants to use his degree to build something that helps efficiency that changes how society uses something.

"At COTC, you can learn at a professional level that brings you right up to everyone else without spending as much as them," Braden said. "For the amount that you spend on the degree, the salary you're going to get could cover that cost in the first year on the job."

Besides his studies, Braden is the vice president of the Society of Engineering Technology and spends a great deal of his time helping fellow engineering technology students in the labs of LeFevre Hall. He is also involved in the community, currently helping an organization called Together We Grow in their effort to add a solar-powered greenhouse to their establishment.

Braden's involvement helped him be picked to represent COTC at the 2016 Propel Ohio Leadership Summit, a leadership program launched in 2015 that promotes civic engagement and inspires undergraduate students to grow into civic leaders.

​"I was very nervous when I found out I was chosen," he said. Braden learned some of the patterns of behavior that led to success from the speakers, workshops and networking during the summit.

His experience at the summit was an expansion of his on-campus experience that he finds to be very important to his education. ​