LeanOhio BootCamp for the Public Sector: Newark campus

​​​Run a simpler, Better, Faster & Less Costly Organization
LeanOhio BootCamp for Public Agencies

​​​What is LeanOhio BootCamp?
It is a five-day, standardized, public-sector-focused training designed to help public entities operate simpler, faster, better and less costly; to cut red tape and to better meet customer needs.

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. - May 12, 13, 19, 20, 27 – Newark campus 

Who should attend LeanOhio BootCamp?
The training is open to anyone who works in the public sector (e.g. government agencies, political subdivisions & subsidiaries, hospitals, emergency services, education), and it is most effective for decision-makers and leaders in the organization. 

Is the Lean training in this BootCamp similar to that in the manufacturing industry? 
It is not limited to Lean, Six Sigma, & Kaizen. To elaborate, Lean is primarily about speed; identifying 
& removing waste in processes. Six Sigma is primarily about removing variation in processes. 

What is the price to attend LeanOhio BootCamp? 
No out of pocket costs for government agencies. Thanks to a grant from Lean Ohio, participants will receive a scholarship voucher to attend the BootCamp, which was developed to offer local political subdivisions training and support to learn and apply Lean strategies to innovate, provide better service and save money. 

Register today!

Registration deadline:  April 29 

Contact Vicki Maple, Director, Workforce Development Innovation Center 
ph.740.364.9565 VMaple@COTC.edu www.cotc.edu/wdic​​