Feng Shui Workshop

​​​Workshop: Feng Shui for Learning Centers, Labs and Classrooms 

Thursday, July 16
Hopewell Hall, Room 146B Nursing Lab
Newark campus

7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
Space limited to first 28 reservations

Facilitator Diana Garber, Master Feng Shui Practitioner and President of Intuitive Concepts, will share the details of what makes a building and an individual room (i.e. labs, classrooms, etc.) supportive of learning and healing. She will detail how the arrangement of a room can support its occupants (student, patients, and instructors) or cause them be agitated, guarded, or to even ‘zone out.’ We will learn the actions that can be taken to promote focus, productivity, creativity, and even wellness, as Feng Shui harnesses unseen energy and redirects it in a knowledgeable way, using light, color, texture, shapes, placement, etc. We will also delve into the trends that impact students’ learning styles and teachers’ reactions, plus help you manage your energy consciously, or unconsciously it manages you.

Deadline for Registration: Monday, July 13, 2015, at noon.
Please email FengShui@IntuitiveConcepts.com or call: (866) 689-6891. With all messages and inquiries, please include:

• “COTC 07/16/15” in the subject line;
• First and last names of those for which you are registering;
• How you heard about this event; and ​
• An alternative contact option such as a cell phone number.

The workshop is free, and in order to receive a certificate of attendance/completion, you will simply need to complete the survey provided at the end of the workshop.

The program is being presented by Intuitive Concepts and in part by the Workforce Development Innovation Center at Central Ohio Technical College. ​