Central Ohio Technical College Hires New Faculty

NEWARK, Ohio, February 4th, 2015 - Central Ohio Technical College welcomes three new members to its full-time faculty: James Schrader, Maey Gharbiah and James Ellis; each with a unique skillset to offer their respective departments.

Maey Gharbiah, Ph.D., joins the Natural Sciences Department from Arizona. Gharbiah has over a decade of laboratory research experience, and brings to the classroom hands-on experience from having worked in a professional laboratory environment.   

James Schrader joins the Accounting Technology department with almost 30 years of experience serving in the Columbus Police force. Using the knowledge he gained during his distinguished record, Schrader intends to offer accounting students his unique insight into uncovering fraud and criminal financial irresponsibility within financial organizations. 

James Ellis comes to COTC from Lamar State College-Orange in Texas, where he served as the Business Management Program Director for over a decade. Ellis is a native Ohioan and graduate of The Ohio State University who seeks to help Business Management students develop into professional and successful business leaders. 

The Business Management Technology program has a diverse curriculum that allows for students to choose their area of focus. Choices include Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Sales, and Human Resources. COTC’s Accounting Technology program prepares students for a wide range of possibilities, from specializing in Financial Management to Forensic Auditing. The Natural Science Department offers courses useful to students enrolled in COTC’s many science and associate’s degree programs.  At Central Ohio Technical College, students can earn one of 45 associate degrees or certificates, and obtain the high-tech skills and training needed to compete in today's workforce.