COTC IT Professor Reflects on 46th Birthday of the Internet

​NEWARK, Ohio, October 29, 2015 — 1969 was a big year. Neil Armstrong became the first human to step on the moon. Richard Nixon became President of the United States. Woodstock took place on a New York Farm. However, there was something else that happened that year that changed the course of history. The Internet was born. Today (October 29, 2015) is the Internet’s 46th birthday! It’s a birthday Central Ohio Technical College Information Technology Professor Connie Philips thinks about with fondness.

IT Connie_lr.jpg“When I first started teaching, in 1979, I could only assign about six programming labs, per semester, because the students had to key in their programs using punched cards, feed them into a card reader and wait up to 30 minutes for the computer to printout the results,” said Philips. “Now, students can work on their assignments using the college’s computers and software on their own devices. They can research problems using the internet to help them solve any issues that come up, and they can access resources that used to require a textbook or library. The changes have been mind-boggling, exciting, and fun!”

Largely due to the Internet, Information Technology is one of the fastest-growing occupations in the U.S. IT professionals provide support for nearly every business, hospital, educational facility, and household. Technology continues to develop and change at a rapid pace, requiring a workforce with technical knowledge to design, develop, support and maintain the software, hardware and infrastructure required for quality systems. There are a wide range of career opportunities available for capable and talented IT professionals.

COTC offers two options to obtain an Associate of Applied Business in Information Technology degree. The IT Programming and Software Development Option gives students hands-on experience with real-world information system applications. The IT Specialist Option prepares students to support IT users, maintain computer systems and networks, and write basic programs through hands-on projects. Spring semester begins January 11.

“The connection of our homes, cars, appliances, devices, etc. to the Internet is starting to happen now,” said Philips. “It is amazing to think about the things people can and will be able to control via their smart phones/devices, and how the Internet of Things will impact all areas of our lives: medical, financial, social, recreational, etc. There are exciting times ahead of us.”

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Photo caption: COTC IT Professor Connie Philips works with students.