COTC DMS Program Director Will Present at International Conference

​NEWARK, Ohio, June 15, 2017 – Central Ohio Technical College (COTC) Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) Program Director Melinda Shoen will be presenting at the International Foundation for Sonography Education and Research (IFSER) Educator's Summit this summer. The conference is being held in New Orleans, LA on July 28 and 29. Shoen will give a presentation called "Demonstrating Scanning Competency BEFORE Clinicals."

"I will be presenting a new concept: the flipped program. There is a lot of 'buzz' about the flipped classroom, where educators expect students to learn the material ahead of time, then come to class to discuss it and solidify the knowledge. Similarly, in most sonography programs, students learn the didactic information in the classroom, possibly have a short period of scanning experience in a lab, then they are off to clinicals to learn 'how to scan' and become proficient as a sonographer," said Shoen.

"A few years ago, the entire DMS program 'flipped.' Students in COTC's DMS program begin scanning on their very first day of their very first DMS class. The results of this drastic change have been closely monitored. Program outcomes have improved significantly. Students are demonstrating clinical competency much sooner in the program, clinical facilities claim students can function more independently and have a baseline scanning competency coming into clinicals, and employers feel the graduates are better prepared as entry-level sonographers with a higher degree of skill."

IFSER is dedicated to improving access to quality education and information for the global diagnostic ultrasound community. The organization wants to make a positive contribution by increasing the availability of healthcare by providing educational resources and products to ultrasound practitioners worldwide. By offering such assistance and supporting those who are engaged in ultrasound research, IFSER hopes to help expand the practice of diagnostic medical sonography throughout the world.

Shoen earned her Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Management and has been the program director at COTC since 2011.

"I'm excited to present how COTC's DMS program has embraced this concept," said Shoen. "Basically, we are teaching the students how to perform sonograms on normal, healthy individuals with the expectation that after two semesters of scan lab, our students can perform most normal examinations. Then, during their clinical rotations, they gain the skills necessary to image more difficult patients. By graduation, our students are ready to join the workforce as entry-level sonographers due to their extended hands-on experience provided in the lab and the clinical environment. It's a new concept that I hope other sonography educators and program directors find interesting and helpful in order to improve program outcomes internationally."

COTC offers an Associate of Applied Science in DMS with major options in general (abdominal, obstetrical and gynecological sonography) or cardiovascular (adult echocardiography and vascular sonography). For more information, visit

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