$500 Scholarship Keeps Some COTC Students in Class

NEWARK, Ohio, September 27, 2016 – Five hundred dollars may not seem like a lot of money in today's world. However, for several Central Ohio Technical College (COTC) students, it was life changing. Returning students who registered for autumn semester by August 1 were automatically entered into a random drawing for a $500 COTC scholarship. For some of those students, it was the difference between being able to continue their education and dropping out of college.

"I transferred here from a private university to get an associate of science degree," said 22-year-old Madison Thomas of Granville. "When I transferred, I was relieved that the tuition was less but I still had to pay out of pocket. This scholarship allowed me to finish my last class for my degree with only having to pay $300 out of pocket. Five hundred dollars doesn't seem like a lot of money, but it was a huge help."

Ten students were randomly selected for this scholarship opportunity. Scholarship recipients live across central Ohio in Licking, Coshocton, Knox and Franklin counties.

"This scholarship couldn't have come at a better time for me. I pay my tuition out of pocket for the nursing program and usually do it on a payment plan. I had already dropped some classes for this semester so I could work and scrape some money for my tuition next semester," said 32-year-old Chernor Bah of Gahanna. "With the help of this scholarship, I was able to register for some additional classes. I want to thank you all for making such a difference in my life."

"This scholarship means a lot to me. I am a single mother of two children," said 23-year-old Savanna Treasure of Coshocton County. "I work full time while also attending school full time. I can't thank whomever enough for giving me this scholarship to put toward my dream."

"My major at COTC is Early Childhood Education. I needed the scholarship because while I go to school at COTC, I am also working full time and am paying my own way for school," said 21-year-old Emily McDonough of Granville. "This scholarship is very meaningful to me because it is helping me work towards my future as an educator."

"I needed the scholarship because I don't have much extra time after all of the studying, homework, classes and clinicals that are required in the nursing program," said 19-year-old Katelyn Simpson of Mount Vernon. "The school work makes it hard to fit work hours into my schedule, so paying for the books and classes I need becomes very difficult. This scholarship means a tremendous amount to me. Any amount of help I get towards my schooling means the world to me because my one goal in life is to become a nurse."

In addition to this scholarship opportunity, COTC has offered more than $750,000 to more than 300 students in the 2016-2017 academic year.

Central Ohio Technical College opened in 1971 and is celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2016. COTC is a fully accredited, public college dedicated to providing high-quality, accessible programs of technical education in response to current and emerging employment needs, as well as encouraging the professional development of students, staff, faculty and administrators to assist them in achieving their maximum potential.  COTC is the only technical college in Ohio operating four full-service campus locations: Newark, Coshocton, Knox and Pataskala.