Education that Pays

Education that Pays

​​​​​​​COTC Ranked No. 1 in Ohio for Salary Potential by PayScale​ 2016-17 Report​

Central Ohio Technical College (COTC) is producing the highest-paid graduates among two-year colleges in the state. COTC is ranked number one in Ohio and number 19 in the nation by PayScale in its 2016-17 College Salary Report ranking the best community and career colleges by salary potential.

“We’ve always known that the return on investment at Central Ohio Technical College is phenomenal,” said COTC President Bonnie L. Coe, Ph.D. “This ranking shows that our graduates go on to have high-paying, successful careers in technical fields that are growing. An associate degree can be life changing.”

PayScale is a compensation data and software company that collects compensation and career data from individuals and uses the data to power compensation software for employers. The company has been publishing the College Salary Report since 2008. The report looks at how higher education impacts career outcomes.

The 2016-17 PayScale College Salary Report compares the salaries for workers with zero to five and 10 or more years of experience who graduated from a wide variety of schools, including public community colleges, private career colleges, for-profit schools, not-for-profit schools.


Students show their pride for the #1 campaign. 


COTC employees who participated in the Higher Learning Commission skunkworks show their pride.
COTC Alumni President Kevin Carter's sons have fun showing their pride.  
The Office of Academic Affairs is excited to celebrate the #1 in Ohio ranking from PayScale.com.
COTC Alum and current adjunct John Keaser participated in 
the making of our #1 campaign.

COTC President Bonnie L. Coe and COTC Alumni President Kevin Carter cheer for the recent ranking.   
COTC student organization Society of Engineering Technology members show their pride.
The Knox campus board members stopped for a celebration photo in acknowledgement of the #1 in Ohio ranking by PayScale.com.
COTC Alum and Licking County Sheriff Randy Thorp participated in the making of our #1 campaign.
A chemistry class from the Pataskala campus was happy to pause their experiments to celebrate the #1 ranking a little.

COTC Board of Trustees took the celebration up a notch for their #1 photo.
COTC Alum and Echo Technologist Archana Rajendran participated in the making of our #1 campaign.

COTC Alum and President of the Licking County Chamber of Commerce Jennifer McDonald participated in the making of our #1 campaign.
COTC employees at the Knox campus couldn't resist a bit of photography fun for their #1 photo.

A large group of students came together to show their pride.
COTC Alum and Membership & Affiliate Director Brittany Misner and colleague Nathan Strum, Director of Economic Development for Grow Licking County, couldn't help but cheer for the recent ranking. Grow Licking County partners with COTC to work toward meeting the economic and workforce needs of the county.
​​COTC Coshocton Board.jpg
The Coshocton campus board members stopped for a 
celebration photo in acknowledgement of the 
#1 in Ohio ranking by PayScale.com.

COTC 1 Pataskala.jpg
The Pataskala campus board members got outside to display
their pride in the #1 in Ohio ranking by Payscale.com.
COTC 1 LET Alumni Panel.jpg
COTC Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Alumni and a four-legged
companion chewed up the opportunity to celebrate our
#1 in Ohio ranking from Payscale.com.

Grad 1 Group A.png
COTC graduates celebrated our #1 in Ohio ranking by Payscale.com.
Grad 1 Group B.png
COTC graduates celebrated our #1 in Ohio ranking by Payscale.com.
EMS 1.jpg
COTC EMS students celebrate the #1 in Ohio ranking by Payscale.com.

​More to come!​​​​​​ ​​



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