LLI Instructional Material

LLI Instructional Material

​​ Lifelong Learning Institute

LLI The Presidential Election presented by Paul Beck​

Presentation I

Presentation ​II

Climate Change

GCC - Climate Change in the News I

GCC - Climate Change in the News II

GCC - Climate Change in the News III

GCC - Climate Change in th​e Ne​ws IV​​​

GCC Presentation I

GCC Presentation II

Technology Tips & Tricks

​Microsoft Word Tricks 

Keyboard Shortcuts

Computer Information Links

Microsoft Quick Tips

Top 10 Unknown Google Tricks

The Aging Brain​​

Don’t Mind This O​ld Thing: The Aging Brain​
Don’t Mind This O​ld Thing: The Aging Brain​ - Lecture 2
Don’t Mind This O​ld Thing: The Aging Brain - Lecture 3

Protest Music​

Partisan Polarization in U.S. Politics


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