Workforce Development Innovation Center

Workforce Development Innovation Center

16 WDIC Logo.jpegThe Workforce Development Innovation Center develops programs & courses that provide innovative solutions to your specific business and industry challenges; helping your workforce to develop the skills, knowledge, and abilities they need to succeed. We offer customized contract training that ranges from technical skill enhancement and safety certifications to soft skills development and professional designation exam preparation.

Our commitment and charge is to improve the skills of the workforce, helping to grow economic development in Ohio; providing a competitive edge and furthering the mission of COTC: "to meet the technical education and training needs of students and employers in the area."

The WDIC forms strategic alliances with industry partners to provide customized solutions that are:

  • Cost-effective;
  • Offered at your site or one of the four COTC campuses;
  • Tailored as either for-college-credit or non-credit courses; and
  • Delivered by industry and academic experts.

WDIC Update

The division of Economic Development & Workforce Solutions at COTC recognizes our area employers are the engine of our economy, so we are continuing to work remotely yet diligently to support the efforts to keep your workforce safe and stable during this period of interruption (COVID-19).


We applaud the many area employers who have started taking proactive steps to upskill staff remotely in preparation for future increased productivity demands.

While some of your more urgent workforce needs have likely changed over the course of the past few weeks, we are prepared to offer the most prominently requested* training programs remotely. (*Based upon the WDIC Workforce Priorities Surveys conducted over the past 45 days.)
These include (click to register):



Plus, also consider mini e-learning modules designed to take individually or to stack together as a series. For example, if your focus is Communication development, you might group together 3 e-learning courses such as: (a) Listening, (b) Body Language, and (c) Reframing the Question/Response. And better yet, all can be tailored specifically for your needs, organization, and /or culture!


We are also prepared to offer VitalPass which provides your organization to Vital Learning’s award-winning series of classroom and online courses, as well as assigned custom-tailored online learning paths and powerful reinforcement tools. You may choose from an array of Leadership Essentials themes, or Leadership, Sales, and Organizational Effectiveness sessions.


Finally, please remember, Ohio's TechCred program was built to encourage technology-focused investments in your staff. You could receive up to a $2,000 reimbursement for each approved credential each of your employees earn. It would be our pleasure to guide you through this process and to provide the training.


As the public health restrictions are in place and respectfully followed, we will continue to meet as many workforce needs as possible remotely. And finally, we commit to remaining united in our attempts to stabilize and upskill your workforce and your business operations now and into the future.


Be safe, be well, and take care of one another,

Vicki Maple, EdD

Vice President for Economic Development and Workforce Solutions at Central Ohio Technical College





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Program Flyer


Program Schedule with Course Descriptions

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WDIC Snapshot

Management and
Leadership Training

Sensitivity/Cultural Diversity
Customer Service & Human Relations
Time & Stress Management
Team Building & Effective Meetings
Leading Quality Interviews
…and more!
Plus, allow us to customize the Leadership Management series, Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today:
1.0 Temperament Basics
1.1 Leadership Basics
1.2 Interpersonal Communication
1.3 Generational Differences
1.4 Coaching for Success
1.5 Conflict Resolution
1.6 Performance Management
1.7 LEAN Basics
*Especially beneficial for recently promoted supervisors & managers or those with recognized potential in their transition from ‘front-line’ to ‘leadership.’​

Environmental, Safety and Health

SafeLand & SafeGulf
Drug-Free Workplace
Electrical Safety & Fire Prevention
Emergency Response & Contingency Planning
Incident/Accident Investigations
Basic Safety & ALICE
ISO/QMS 9001:2015 Revision Overview
ISO/QMS 9001:2015 Gap Analysis & Review of Systems
Plus, Emergency Medical Services training in:
General EMS Continuing Ed
Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support (PTLS)
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
AHA CPR for Health Care Providers
AHA Heartsaver Community CPR/AED/First Aid
Paramedic Refresher
… and more, including many OPOTA courses.​​

Technical Skills and Computer Training

Microsoft Word, Excel, & Office
Microsoft PowerPoint, & Publisher
Microsoft Outlook, Project, & Access
Windows 2000 & XP
Technical Writing
Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)
Blueprint Reading
Theory of Constraints (TOC)
Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Social Media Basics​
...and more!​


Now offering Culinary Workshops too!

Culinary Skills & Fundamentals… knife skills, presenting & garnishing, plus stocks/sauces/soups/eggs.
Baking, Pastry, & Desserts... principles of baking, plus syrups/creams/icings/sauces.
Wine & Cheese Pairings… experience an array of fine international cheeses and New World wines.
Coming soon: Home Brewing… brew an all-grain beer and explore the history & chemistry of brewing!

Vicki Maple A message to our valued employers

Thank you for your interest in the Workforce Development Innovation Center at COTC where our purpose and our promise is to improve the skills of the workforce and grow economic development in Ohio; providing a competitive edge and furthering the mission of COTC "to meet the technical education and training needs of students and employers in the area."

While each of us manufacture, produce, and/or distribute a different type of product or service, one thing we have in common is workforce demand.

The most commonly identified needs and challenges I hear range from filling the pipeline and keeping it filled with skilled labor, to addressing training needs and skills gaps. While we may have quickly shifted from the key concern of retention and attrition as a result of "a graying workforce in a rebounding economy," to "keeping the workforce safe and stable during this period of interruption and maintaining operations while preparing for future increased productivity demands," we would like the opportunity to express our most sincere support as we explore your workforce challenges, and help create the solutions!

Perhaps you are seeking a more credentialed, a more highly skilled, or a cross-trained workforce. Please remember, Ohio's TechCred program was built to encourage technology-focused investments in your staff. You could receive up to a $2,000 reimbursement for each approved credential each of your employees earn. It would be our pleasure to guide you through this process and to provide the training. 

From a "for-college-credit" standpoint, we can create a cohort with as few as 10 or 12 committed participants from your organization, if it is your wish or their desire to complete a college certificate or degree. We can even take a look at their individual current and prior work experience, as well as their prior learning/educational/training experiences, and in some cases, apply college credit for that… taking them that much closer to receiving their degree or to celebrating a milestone with an in-house certificate.

It's all possible, and you have MY promise… you have OUR promise… to work with you and for you!

We look forward to partnering with you and to developing strong alliances with you; creating those strategically reciprocal relationships, and bridging those gaps! Please allow us the opportunity. 

Vicki Maple, EdD

Vice President, Economic Development & Workforce Solutions

C. J. Dutiel

WDIC Project Coordinator

"Never Stop Learning Because Life Never Stops Teaching." – This is our mantra at the Lifelong Learning Institutealso managed through the WDIC. Click in to explore a world of learning available for the senior population of Central Ohio!

Remember: We also review prior learning experience and prior work experience for potential college credit, plus there are options for stackable certificates that lead to degree completion. Click here to learn about our Associate of Technical Studies program that YOU can design for yourself! 

Contact the WDIC to explore workforce solutions that work for you!


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