Electrocardiography Technician Certificate

Electrocardiography Technician Certificate

​Launch a successful career at COTC and make a difference in countless lives.

Electrocardiography_lr.jpgUnder the supervision of physicians and/or nurses, electrocardiography technicians operate equipment that records and measures heart activity (EKG/ECG diagnostic examinations) and report results to the treatment team. These measurements are used to assist cardiologists and other physicians in diagnosing and treating problems with a patient's heart and blood vessels.

Students receive instruction in human biology, medical terminology, selected cardiovascular medications and effects, basic patient care, and professional standards and ethics. Graduates are awarded a Certificate of Completion in the Electrocardiography Technician program. Recipients of the certificate may seek immediate employment, pursue the Associate of Applied Science in Health Services Technology or enroll in other health care associate degree options.

This certificate would enhance the skill set of COTC nursing students. The need for qualified EKG technicians continues to rise as the aging population in America grows (and with it, the prevalence of heart-related conditions). Earning your certificate will help you launch a successful and meaningful career that can help make a difference in countless lives. Whether you seek full-time or part-time employment, the opportunities in this profession are flexible and in high demand.