Civil Engineering Technology

Civil Engineering Technology

Plan your career in Civil Engineering Technology

ABET.jpg Improve our nation’s infrastructure by designing and constructing the next generation of bridges, buildings, dams, highways, treatment facilities and supply pipelines. Hands-on classroom and lab experiences prepare civil engineering technology graduates for dynamic careers in construction and engineering technology firms across the country. Students who successfully complete the requirements of the program will receive an Associate of Applied Science in Engineering Technology, Civil Engineering Technology.

COTC also offers a COTC Certificate program in Engineering Technology, Civil Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) comprised of 13.50 credit hours of Civil-CAD coursework.

Why choose COTC?

  • Hands-on classroom and lab experiences in construction materials & testing, surveying, soils, mapping, green construction and structural & foundation design

  • The Civil Engineering Technology program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. (ETAC/ABET)

  • Construction document production with heavy emphasis on computer aided drafting (CAD)

  • Program uses the latest AutoCAD, Civil 3D and Sketchup software

  • Develop skills used for entry in Ohio’s growing oil and gas industry

  • Available Engineering Technology scholarships for incoming students


COTC offers several transfer agreements with four-year colleges:

  • The Ohio State ​University​​
  • Bowling Green State University
  • Ohio University
  • Miami University

Career Opportunities

  • Civil Engineering Technician
  • CAD Technician
  • Field Supervisor
  • Project Leader
  • Survey Technician
  • Materials Tester
  • Construction Inspector

Interested in joining a student organization? | Society of Engineering Technology (SET)

This organization is made up of undergraduate and graduate students whom are currently enrolled or alumni in any engineering technology field available at COTC and Ohio State Newark. SET's purpose is to raise awareness of educational & career opportunities available to a student's preferred engineering technology field. This may include the following but not limited to: ArchitecturalCivilMechanicalElectrical and Manufacturing. Advisor: Whitney Tussing


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Female Civil EngineerEnrollment, Graduation and Job Placement Information

The performance of the COTC Engineering Technology program is reflected through program effectiveness data. Program effectiveness data includes the program graduation data, enrollment data and job placement data. 

Enrollment Data

  • The Civil Engineering Technology program's enrollment for Autumn 2015 was 29 students. For all of 2015-2016 enrollment was 40 students.

Graduation Data

  • The Civil Engineering Technology program had 2 graduates in the academic year 2015-2016.

Employment Data

  • Civil Engineering Technology had two graduates for the ’15-’16 academic year. One graduate responded to the Graduate Survey. The respondent reported full-time employment with an annual salary of $33,000 to $36,999.