Radiologic Science Technology Degree Plan

Radiologic Science Technology Degree Plan



 Pre Admission Course Requirements 
The Associate of Applied Science degree program in Radiologic Science Technology is a selection-based program, meaning a student must APPLY to the program and then be SELECTED into the program before being able to meet graduation requirements. The following COTC courses (or their equivalents) must be completed prior to being admitted into the Radiologic Science Technology program. All courses must be completed with a grade of C (2.00) or better.
MATH-140* College Algebra3


Autumn Semester

BIO-130* Anatomy & Physiology I4
ENGL-112* Composition I3
HLT-110 Medical Terminology
RAD-101* Imaging Procedures I3
RAD-130* Radiation Physics I1.5
RAD-188* Clinical Education in Radiology I1.5

Spring Semester

BIO-131* Anatomy & Physiology II4
RAD-103* Imaging Procedures II3
RAD-131* Radiation Physics II1.5
RAD-133* Image Acquisition4
RAD-165* Patient Care & Management II1
RAD-186* Clinical Education in Radiology II2
​​ Total15.5

Summer Semester

* Introduction to Psychology
RAD-154* Medical Imaging Seminar I1
RAD-166* Patient Care and Management III1
RAD-284* Clinical Education in Radiology IV3
SOC-110 Cultural Diversity3
​​ Total11

Autumn Semester

RAD-135* Radiology & Radiation Protection1
RAD-212* Radiologic Pathology I1
RAD-233* Quality Assurance and Image Production3
RAD-267* Patient Care and Management IV1
RAD-286* Clinical Education in Radiology IV2
SPCH-210Small Group Communications3
​​ Total11

Spring Semester

* Cross Sectional Anatomy2
RAD-213* Radiologic Pathology II1
RAD-226* Departmental Administration1.5
RAD-246* Current Issues & Ethics in Medical Imaging1.5
RAD-255* Medical Imaging Seminar II1
RAD-288* Clinical Education in Radiology V2
​​ Total9

Total Hours Required For Degree


Courses may have prerequisites. Please check course description to view all course prerequisites and requirements.

All courses require a grade of C (2.00) or better in order to progress and graduate from this program.

The College Reserves the Right to Change Curricula Without Notice

Published date –April 2020​ 

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